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We believe Guided Readers has a huge impact with both students and teachers alike. But don’t take our word for it.

More than 50,000 students in over 20,000 schools and districts nationwide have utilized Guided Readers. Both teachers and administrators alike have seen their students grow at least one to two levels beyond grade level benchmarks by utilizing Guided Readers as part of their balanced literacy program. Whether it’s the engaging leveled readers or text passages, the comprehensive guided reading lesson plans, the helpful digital interactive reader, or the handy reporting tools, Guided Readers has proven to be a useful tool in the classroom. Below are just a few of the many positive outcomes experienced by Guided Readers users.

Teacher working one-on-one with student

Proven Strategies

“It helps me reach every student at their level and gives me many choices for extension activities.”

“I was looking for something to help implement Guided Reading that would have everything in one place.”

“There are so many resources… but it’s not overwhelming.”

Guided Readers helps me use and practice proven strategies and activities that would help me in my new job as an interventionist K-8.”

“I’ve taught for 30 years, and I wanted something to excite them again, especially when it came to the possibility of virtual learning.”

Boy virtual learning guided reading

Engaging Resources

Guided Readers gives me quick access to a variety of books and passages at the levels they needed.”

“There are added resources for small reading groups and online reading materials for stations, extra practice.”

Guided Readers gives me something to get the students excited about reading.”

“Students are enjoying reading the books and because of that they are understanding the skills taught.”

“I have noticed with Guided Readers, the mix of fiction and nonfiction keeps their interest. There are also topics that they find interesting, or that I can connect to the seasons or other curriculum we are teaching. Kids knew exactly what to expect out of our small group time and we accomplished so much. They were very willing to take risks in their reading and tackle hard books.”

“I have never had any students eager to read, complete the activities, and more until I found your resource.”

Teacher instructing virtually

Supporting Teachers

Guided Readers makes my planning much easier and faster. I don’t have to search for anything.”

“It has relieved my anxiety related to classroom or distance learning teaching.”

“I feel more confident teaching Guided Reading.”

"I’m becoming more confident in teaching guided reading and helping my students be more successful readers.”

“I know exactly what my readers need to improve comprehension.”

“During conferences I was able to show work, data points, and listen to recordings to point out examples of strengths and weaknesses.”

“It was an easy transition to online teaching when necessary.”

We love hearing about school and district success stories with Guided Readers. Do you have a testimonial you’d like to share with us? Contact us today!

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