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Maximize student reading growth while building teacher confidence

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Our differentiated, K-3 Guided Reading program increases student engagement and efficacy and is quickly adaptable to a variety of classroom settings (both in person and online).


Your intervention to advanced students will grow at least one to two reading levels beyond their year-end benchmarks.

Maximize Guided Reading Time

Our structured approach to small-group instruction maximizes student reading growth and gives teachers the confidence to teach reading.

Easily Adapt Instruction

Guided Readers is quickly adaptable to a variety of classroom settings and easily transferable between in person and online instruction.

Get the Reading Results You Want Today!

It’s time to take your Guided Reading instruction to the next level. Get instant access to thousands of professionally leveled books and texts, along with corresponding activities!

How It Works

Guided Readers creates enthusiastic and independent readers while giving teachers the support and tools needed for student success.

Thousands of professionally leveled and culturally relevant books and passages (print and digital) incorporate social-emotional learning competencies, getting students excited about reading.

Methodically structured lessons and activities strategically aligned to each book or text and are backed by research, saving teachers valuable time preparing for instruction.

The engaging Digital Interactive Reader allows students to listen to books and passages, record themselves reading, and take quizzes, and all easily tracked in the student data tracking portal.

Individual, class-wide, and milestone reports can be easily viewed and exported.

Print and online resources for teachers, video tutorials, ongoing webinars, and a dedicated Facebook group for users are just a few ways the program provides additional support for teachers.

Guided Readers Blog Post Provides Teaching Tips


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I was so lost and didn’t know how to teach guided reading. Once I found this product, it helped build my confidence to teach guided reading and helped provide guidelines to what I need to do to help my students.

Student vocabulary is growing and they’re learning to think critically about the reading.

My students are enjoying reading the books and because of that, they’re understanding the skills taught.

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An estimated 1,000,000 students have experienced the power of Guided Readers firsthand
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More than 50,000 teachers utilize Guided Readers as part of their reading instruction
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Guided Readers can be found in more than 20,000 schools nationwide

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