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Reporting Tools

Teachers can easily track student reading progress within the data tracking portal.

It’s important to see how students are progressing individually and against major benchmarks and milestones. The data tracking and reporting tools embedded in Guided Readers make it fast and easy for teachers to visualize student reading progress and share that progress with administrators and parents. These reports can be run for individuals and entire classes and show a wide range of valuable data to inform instruction.

Student Progress Report

The Individual Student Data Tracker is visually appealing and provides a quick snapshot of student reading progress. Data can be run across a variety of time frames, can be shared via PDF with administrators and parents, and tracks:

  • Student fluency data benchmarks
  • Student reading level benchmarks
  • How many minutes students have read
  • Quiz results and percentage of correct and incorrect answers
  • Number of books read
  • Number of books recorded

Class-wide and milestone reports are also available for teachers to show progress against benchmarks.

Individual reading progress shows overall metrics, fluency levels, and reading achievement

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