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Lessons and Activities

Methodically structured lessons and activities will help your instructors gain confidence teaching, making Guided Reading time more productive and organized.

Each book or text passage in Guided Readers is accompanied by a comprehensive lesson plan and activity. All lessons and activities are backed by research and are consistently structured, saving teachers valuable time in preparing for instruction.

Lesson Plans

Guided Readers has taken the guesswork (and time) out of lesson planning. All lessons are consistently structured and based in best practices in literacy instruction. Lessons are easy to implement in the classroom, can be taught in 15-20 minutes a day, and cover systematic phonics instruction, sight words, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and guided writing. Guided Readers lessons also integrate Social Emotional Learning Core Competencies directly into instructional practices. The consistent, research-based approach to reading instruction will help teachers not only save time, but also gain confidence in the classroom as they teach guided reading skills.

Guided Reading lesson plan
Girl working on individual guided reading activity


It’s not always easy to keep students engaged, but your students will love the activities that accompany Guided Readers’ books and text passages. These guided reading activities will promote active learning, build and reinforce reading skills, and give students valuable practice. All activities are available directly through the Guided Readers platform, and can also be utilized through Google slides.

If you want to join the more than 50,000 teachers in over 20,000 schools nationwide who have utilized Guided Readers, contact us today or click below to learn more.

Guided Readers integrates Social Emotional Learning core competencies directly into instruction

By effectively incorporating the five SEL competencies in each lesson, Guided Readers helps teachers establish equitable learning environments and optimize student learning.

Chart that shows how Guided Readers Integrates Social Emotional Learning Competencies in its lessons


“The lesson plans connected to the standards and books to go along with the lesson plans. This is going to make my life as a teacher easier as I plan for reading instruction in guided groups. Having this all at my fingertips is awesome.”

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