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The Fastest Route to Guided Reading Success


Teaching reading can be a complicated task.

Unleash the power of Guided Readers by implementing best practices in guided reading instruction using our professionally leveled texts, rigorous and standards-based lesson plans and resources, and address 21st century skills using our easy-to-use digital interactive reader to engage students and open doorways to learning.

Guided Readers is the most effective online guided reading program to help build and strengthen students’ literacy skills in phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and guided writing.


Professionally Leveled Books


Print & Teach Lesson Plans


Interactive Digital Experience

Introducing Guided Readers

Guided Readers is a comprehensive guided reading program that fosters true learning through small group instruction and empowers teachers by providing them with effective, streamlined lesson plans based on best practices in literacy instruction.

All Books are Professionally Leveled by Fountas & Pinnell and

With hundreds of leveled readers, rigorous lesson plans and word work, Guided Readers unlocks creativity, confidence, and focus so that your students can succeed.

Tools to Empower Teachers

Consistent and streamlined differentiated lesson plans that take out the guesswork of how to teach and what to teach.


Address 21st Century Literacy Skills

The Digital Interactive Reader helps students with their decoding and comprehension skills as they listen to stories being read aloud, record the story and listen back to their own reading, and check their comprehension.

Designed for Student Success

Personalized Learning to IMPROVE STUDENT OUTCOMES.


Differentiation for Varying Reading Skills

Differentiation for students is of paramount importance to help children grow from learning to read to children who are READING TO LEARN.

Engaging, Effective, and Differentiated Learning at your fingertips!

Leveled Readers

Teaching Tools

  • Levels A - P are available (Levels Q-Z will be added over the next few months)
  • Instructional tri-folds for teaching specific skills/strategies
  • Reading Strategies Instruction Tri-fold
  • Sight Word & Vocabulary Instruction Tri-fold
  • Making Words Instruction Tri-fold (Make-Its)
  • Analogy Charts Instruction Tri-fold (Match-Its)
  • Sound Boxes Instruction Tri-fold (Box-Its)
  • Sound Sorts Instruction Tri-fold (Sort-Its)
  • Strategy Fans for student use and teacher modeling
  • Sight Word cards for each lesson

Printable Resources

  • Books leveled by F &P and Lexile
  • Single-sided leveled readers
  • Double-sided leveled readers
  • Lesson plans
  • Sight Words
  • Text-Dependent Questions
  • Guided Writing Activity
  • Running Record Assessments (coming soon)
  • Google Classroom options available
  • Workmats for Word Work
    • Analogies
    • Making Words
    • Sound Boxes
    • Sound Sorts
  • Text-Dependent Questions
    • Thinking About, Within, & Beyond the Text

Interactive Digital Reader

  • 36 Student Accounts allowed for each license
  • Teacher Portal for student logins and data
  • Picture Passwords for easy student logins
  • Engaging leveled readers with captivating illustrations/photographs
  • Students can read the story independently
  • Students can listen to the story as the words are highlighted
  • Students can record the story aloud and listen back to their reading
  • Students can take a comprehension quiz based on the story
  • Student quiz grades and oral recordings saved in the Teacher’s Portal

The Most Effective Digital Interactive Experience for Students to Support Literacy and Learning

Students can check their comprehension by taking a quiz based on the book they read.


Join Guided Readers Today!

Stop wasting time finding resources for your classroom. Get full access to all our guided reading resources for one low price. Choose the plan that works best for your budget & classroom!

Seed Plan

Printables Plan


  • printable leveled readers (all levels)
  • lesson plans
  • comprehension resources
  • word worked resources
  • instructional materials
  • Google Classroom options


Introductory Price

Annual Membership

Sprout Plan

Digital Interactive Reader
(Does not contain ANY printables.)

  • digital leveled readers (all levels)
  • 36 student accounts permitted for each license purchased
  • students listen to the story while words are highlighted
  • students record their reading & listen back
  • students take comp quiz
  • teacher & student PORTAL (Great for centers & 1-1 classrooms)


Introductory Price

Annual Membership

Bloom Plan

Seed Plan + Sprout Plan


Includes everything in
Seed & Sprout Plan


Quickly leverage the Guided Readers program with access to both the digital interactive reader and printable plan!


School District Purchase Orders


Introductory Price

Annual Membership

Sample Resources

Try Before You Buy!

Register for an account... and get access to the FREEBIES

Georges Play-front cover
The Magical Backpack-front cover
All About Spiders-front cover
Can I Go-front cover

Teachers need help getting your principal or administration onboard?

Share this interactive info-guide about Guided Readers with them!


What makes this different from other guided reading resources and websites?

Guided Readers has been developed by a veteran classroom teacher with more than 23-years of experience in reading instruction, to provide you with the most effective and rigorous resources to help you teach your students to become fluent, confident readers AND love to read in the process.

Our fiction books are beautifully illustrated by professional illustrators and our nonfiction books are created using the highest-quality and eye-catching photographs you can find!

Not only that, but ALL of our leveled readers are professionally leveled through our partnership with Fountas & Pinnell and

You won’t find any boring theories or ideas that don’t actually work in practice. This program is based on best practices in guided reading instruction and literacy development!  Implementing Guided Readers in your classroom will ensure exponential growth in your students’ reading skills (Results will vary).

I am a Reading/Curriculum Specialist, I need MORE than 36 student accounts for the digital reader.

Guided Readers allows 36 student accounts for each licence that is purchased on an account.  

However, we know that some Reading/Curriculum Specialists are servicing an entire school and have more than 36 students.  If you require more than 36 student accounts due to the nature of your teaching position, please email us at and we will assist you in assigning more student accounts to your license of Guided Readers. 

Please note that in order to gain access to additional student accounts, you must provide proof of your current teaching status and the number of students that you currently service from your school district administrator via written letter agreeing to the Terms of Use of Guided Readers and the understanding that sharing teacher licenses is strictly prohibited. 

My class has students with a huge range of reading abilities… will this work for me?

YES! Guided Readers will help you reach your Emerging Readers to your Fluent Readers.  Currently, Guided Readers has texts/resources for Guided Reading Levels A – Q. 

Levels R-Z will be added to the site over the next few months.

Each and every week, at least 20 new books and corresponding resources will be added to your Library Bookshelf.

How is this different to your Teachers Pay Teachers materials and Simply Skilled membership?

Guided Readers is a brand-new membership site that focuses SOLEY on helping teachers instruct their students during guided reading instructional groups. Guided Readers provides printable leveled readers, lesson plans, and resources for teachers to download, print, and be ready to teach their students HOW to read!

If you are a long-term member of Simply Skilled Teaching Members Club (at least two years), you will see many of the books and materials you currently have. However, at least 50 NEW guided reading books will be added to the site every month. We will not be adding these resources to SST Members Club. Additionally, SST Members Club does not have access to our Digital Interactive Reader.

The resources on Guided Readers WILL NOT be accessible in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

Teachers have consistently told us that getting a grip on guided reading instruction felt overwhelming and difficult — and Guided Readers is here to give you a framework and a method to the madness that causes so many teachers to feel stressed out and majorly overwhelmed during their reading block. This program gives you the step-by-step system you need to create a rigorous, consistent plan of action to get your students reading with confidence.

Does this work with all curriculums, materials and guided reading approaches?

YES! Guided Readers is the perfect companion to any curriculum, and will assist you in following state standards with the rigorous, effective and streamlined approach you’ll learn to teaching guided reading.

What you’ll gain access to in Guided Readers is a consistent, streamlined framework for making guided reading work for you, no matter which curriculum or teaching material you’re already using.

What is your cancellation policy?

You have 3 days to peruse the site, print out a few resources, and use the Digital Interactive Reader to see what is offered on Guided Readers. If after 3 days you feel that it is not a good fit for you, you may ask for a refund and cancel your membership. However, if you DOWNLOAD 3 or More resources from the site, you will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for a refund due to the instant and irrevocable access you gain to the materials.

Cancellations are immediate and you will lose all access to all of the resources in Guided Readers.

All memberships will renew automatically unless you go into your account settings and cancel your subscription. 

Want to hear the BEST PART?  When you join, you are GRANDFATHERED IN to the price you joined at!  So, your annual membership fee will never increase even when the price of the membership increases as long as you are a current member!

Can I join the Private Facebook Community of Teachers?

YES!  Absolutely!  We would LOVE to have you in our Guided Readers Teaching Community!  Please CLICK HERE to request to join!

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