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Digital Interactive Reader

The Digital Interactive Reader makes it easy to for both students and teachers to not only access books and text passages digitally, but also gain important insight into reading progress. The online platform is easily accessible for teachers, students, and parents and is adaptable to a variety of classroom settings, both in-person and online.

The Digital Interactive Reader is the heart of Guided Readers. It not only establishes an easy-to-use digital reading platform, but also provides the tools necessary for teachers to quickly assign books, track student progress on reading comprehension and reading fluency, and access additional instructional materials. Students can easily access and read the books they’re assigned, and can also record and listen to themselves reading assigned books. The Digital Interactive Reader is completely secure and compliant with state and national standards on student privacy.

Digital Interactive Reader

The Digital Interactive Reader is a powerful tool that enhances the reading experience for both teachers and students.

Interactive digital reader allows students to listen and record
  • Can easily add students to the platform and create specific bookshelves for each student based on reading level, interest, comprehension skill being studied, and more. 
  • Can immediately see quiz results and listen to student recordings, allowing them to see reading comprehension and fluency progress. 
  • Can quickly access additional instructional materials, lesson plans, and printables for each book, making it easy to prepare and plan for instruction. 
  • Can preview books and view specific book details such as the comprehension focus and standards being covered.
  • Can easily log in to the secure platform with a unique picture ID.
  • Can quickly view the books assigned to them.
  • Can read independently or listen to the story as words are highlighted.
  • Can record themselves reading and listen back to their recording, helping them hear their own fluency progress.
  • Can assess their comprehension by taking the quiz that accompanies each book, seeing their results, and retaking the quiz if they like.

Can you see teachers and students in your school or district utilizing the Digital Interactive Reader in their Guided Reading instruction? Contact us today or click on the links below to learn more. 


“[Guided Readers] made it easy for students to access digital texts during remote learning that were appropriate for their reading level and it made it easy to select and assign texts, which was a tremendous time saver.”

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